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2014 Filing and Payment Information Instructions
2014 Filing Format W-2 Data via Magnetic MediaInstructions
2014 IT-11 Employer's Quarterly Return of Tax WithheldFormInstructions
2014 IT-13 Reconciliation of Quarterly Returns of TaxFormInstructions
2014 IT-15 Employer's Semi-Monthly or Monthly DepositFormInstructions
2014 IT-33 Transmitter Report for Magnetic Media (Single)Form
2014 IT-33M Transmitter Report for Magnetic Media (Muliple)Form
2014 IT-47 Application for a New City Tax AccountFormInstructions
2014 IT-47S General Contractor & Sub ContractorForm
2014 IT-6W Employer's Claim of Refund of Withholding TaxesForm
2014 IT-9 Change of AddressForm
2014 Power of AttorneyForm

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